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Gaelebale loses out on head to head challenge

Gaelebale is currently in China for the Miss World grand finale, which will be hosted on Sunday in Sanya.

The head to head challenge is a new criteria used to select top finalists who will compete on the grand finale, it is more of a Q and A combined with a presentation, digital votes and Facebook likes also contributed to the winner of each group. Contestants from different countries were put into groups of six for this challenge. She was in Group Six which had Canada, Ethiopia, Botswana, Brazil, Bangladesh and South Africa.

Gaelebale recently posted a video on her Facebook page addressing her followers that she did not make it in the head to head challenge.

“Hie everyone I want take this time to let you know you that the winner of the fast track event for group six has been officially announced and Bangladesh won, non the less a huge thank you to every individual that has been voting for me. Make sure on the 18th of this month you stay up to date with all social

media platforms to find out who will be crowned Miss World. Fingers crossed, prayers and everything, hopefully it will workout. Once again am truly humbled and thank you so much for your support (sic),” said Gaelebale on the video.

Through the head to head challenge, eight contestants have secured their places in the grand finale as part of the top 40 finalists. Other competitions such as beauty with a purpose are yet to take place and fast track some models into the top 40.

The Miss World team recently announced the Beauty With a Purpose top 20 semi finalists and Gaelebale is not part of the selected contestants. The battle of getting into the top 40 is getting tough for her but she sounds hopeful that she will make it.

Recently Miss Nigeria was crowned Miss World Top model with that development she was fast tracked into the top 40. While Miss Dominican Republic won the Miss Sportswoman final.

This Saturday beauties will lock horns during the Miss World grand finale as they battle for the crown.Read more at: |

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Colby Mugrabi Unveils

When she was but a middle-schooler, Colby Mugrabi did not dream of being a doctor or a lawyer like her classmates did. Mugrabi aspired to be a “designer’s muse,” she told her party guests Tuesday evening, and the moniker Minnie Muse was born.

Mugrabi started blogging and in 2008 began writing posts for Teen Vogue; years later Minnie Muse lives on in its second iteration as a new site of musings around the intersection of fashion, design, art and architecture, which Mugrabi celebrated Tuesday at the Lobster Club in New York.

The cocktail party was one of the very first evenings held in the yet-to-open restaurant, designed by Peter Marino. “I go way back with Jeffrey Zalaznick [of Major Food Group] whose restaurant this is, and my husband’s best friend is Aby [Rosen] whose building it is so it all came together beautifully,” Mugrabi said of scoring the venue for her bash.

The second iteration of Minnie Muse, which she promises is entirely a new concept, save the name, has been in the works for nine months, and allows her to share her overlapping interests from her personal life. While chatting, a friend with whom she had recently traveled to Japan came to greet her; they went on a food trip with a sushi chef from Masa restaurant.

“And that’s also why I started this site, is because I could take all of these experiences I have that I’m so lucky to be exposed to in my personal life and not necessarily document it, but use those experiences to feed into things that I cover on my site,” she explained, adding that Japan is a favorite destination where she traveled on her honeymoon. “We went to the Tadao Ando retrospective in Japan — he’s one of my favorite architects. So I started writing about Tadao Ando.”

Friends like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Thom Browne, Phillip Lim, Pamela Hanson, Greg Chait and more joined her in toasting the launch. Large-format examples of muse boards were on display, showcasing the Céline fall 2015 collection alongside Proenza Schouler’s fall 2017 line, and an example of a feature on exaggerated proportions included Balenciaga spring 2017 as well as art and design references to match.

“I’ve always been obsessed with fashion and then art and then design and then architecture since I was a little girl, so I wanted to do something that could fully utilize those core, specific interests and do it in the best way possible,” Mugrabi explained.

“Everything I do kind of feeds into something else. The logo I hand-drew after a visit to the Calder Foundation, when I was researching Calder jewelry and saw that Alexander Calder had these series called the ‘initial brooches’ where he would give brooches to friends and family and disguise their initials within the configuration of the brooch. So there was one he gave to his daughter Mary Rower with the letters ‘M R’ and he rendered the ‘m’ as a squiggly line so I took that idea and hand-drew my logo.”

Her obsessions fueling the site include the Fifties: “In terms of fashion, Balenciaga.…I’ve been obsessed with John Galliano since I was a little girl…The Row, which I’m wearing tonight with vintage Galliano…Céline, Prada,” she listed. “[For] architects, I love midcentury, I love David Chipperfield. And art, I love abstract and expressionist.”Read more at: |

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton eloping rumors have emerged again but this time, a new report is claiming that the two will end up in a marriage that did not begin with the “big wedding” celebrity couples in Hollywood are used to.

According to an update from the Hollywood Life, the musically-inclined couple won’t be having the elegant wedding their fans are hoping for as an insider reportedly close to them revealed that they only intend to enter the marriage without going through a big fuss.

Based on the source’s statement, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are under the impression that people will make it a huge deal once they get married so they are now inclined to simply elope and celebrate with a party afterwards.

“They know that is going to be a big deal when they finally get themselves married… So much so that they are considering just eloping and then having a big party to celebrate with friends and family,” the unnamed insider explained.

On top of that, the outlet’s source admitted that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton already discussed the matter “on a few occasions” and are considering eloping as one of the possible course of action to achieve the end goal: marriage.

This update comes days after Life & Style magazine reported about Blake’s ex-wife Miranda Lambert is ruining the couple’s plans. According to an insider cited by the outlet, the country singer and The Voice coach is still pained from the betrayal of his failed marriage with Miranda which is why a Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton wedding hasn’t occurred yet.

Apparently, the 41-year-old musician is still not yet ready to tie the knot with Gwen who has been his girlfriend for two years now simply because he still hasn’t moved on from Miranda.

“Blake had hoped that time would ease the pain of the divorce and the betrayal he felt, but sadly, it just hasn’t… Blake admits he’s still devastated,” the source added.

On top of that, the report went on to note that Gwen is also on the same page as she is reportedly still struggling with trust issues from her 13-year marriage with ex-husband and Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale.

However, the report has since been debunked by fact-checking website Gossip Cop which revealed that the report was made-up and that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s marriage plans have nothing to do with his ex since he has already moved on.

Either way, the couple’s plans for the future remains unknown unless either of them makes an official statement of sorts to clear things up. With that said, it is best to take this information with a grain of salt.Read more at: |

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Editor's letter: November 2017

Cate Blanchett and Chris Hemsworth are indeed the dream team on our cover. I have just returned from the Paris ready-to-wear shows, where Cate attended Louis Vuitton, the final show of the season, looking incredible in a pants-suit with pulled-back hair and in the company of her sons. No-one holds a room like Cate and no-one wears a pants-suit like her, either. On these trips, I’m often asked what might be in the water in Australia for it to produce such great acting talent and a seemingly endless supply of Hollywood stars. Per capita, Australians are certainly over-represented on Hollywood red carpets, and enormously respected for their abilities, approachable nature and work ethic.

Coordinating these two mega-stars to be in the same place at the same time certainly tested the stamina of our producer Rikki Keene, due to Cate and Chris being equally in demand with busy schedules. But they were both keen to celebrate their work on Thor: Ragnarok together, which was an experience they clearly enjoyed and through which they became firm friends. When deciding how to style them, fashion director Christine Centenera opted for the season’s masculine suiting – undone, relaxed, and even barefoot – to capture our easy Aussie style.

Both Cate and Chris have chosen to spend extended periods raising their children in Australia and in doing so have also positively impacted the local film-making and theatre industries: Chris by suggesting this Thor be made on the Gold Coast; and Cate and her husband, Andrew Upton, through their tenure as creative directors of the Sydney Theatre Company and additionally Cate’s locally made films and art collaborations (see her work with artist Del Kathryn Barton on page 193).

Cate says she loves working at home and was relieved Thor: Ragnarok was shot in Australia. “No disrespect to crews overseas,” she says, “but there is nothing like Australian crews. It’s always a relief to be working with an Australian crew, because there are no bumps and the skill level is extraordinary.”

By being such champions of our industry, Chris and Cate have created work and paved the way for a new generation of young Australians who have worked across numerous productions. Their spirit and friendship is captured in the laughter and smiles by Australian photographer Will Davidson and in the wonderful accompanying interview by our deputy editor Sophie Tedmanson, too.Read more at:bridal gowns | wedding dresses online australia

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Get ‘bridal’ ready

Want to know the hottest bridal trends? Brace yourselves as this week You! highlights some key hair, makeup and jewellery styles straight from the runway of the recently concluded LPBW’17...

Fashion and trends are ever evolving! What was all the rage a few months back seems to disappear, as soon as some new trend hits the market. And with the bridal season here, it’s time to get updated with all that is hot and trendy. And the easiest way to find out styles that will rule the world of fashion is of course through Fashion Weeks/Shows that are organised time and again.

The fashion showcase

Following the tradition of showcasing bridal trends on a roll, this year’s PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2017 (LPBW) brought an extravagant feel to the audience. This year, the L’Oreal Paris team redefined both bridal makeup and hair trends using products by the brand. Nabila and her team was the official hair and makeup partner for LPBW’17. However, this year L’Oreal also collaborated with international makeup expert Saima Bargfrede to create and define distinct bridal makeup looks for the season. The 3-day event, held in Lahore, featured styles that will give you all the inspiration you need to master the perfect wedding looks. Read on...

Trends on a roll

Team Nabila’s - N-Pro & N-Gents - as always stood on top of their game. Known for perfection and consistency, renowned stylist Nabila managed to woo the audience with her magical touch. Creating looks for each showcase required an in-depth knowledge while combining the requirements of designers and all-important factors in determining the best look of the day.

“This fall we kept the wedding and party season in mind before finalizing all the looks for the shows. Festive look is what we aimed for this time around. Nabila wanted to come out of plain Jane nude look and experiment with glamorous looks,” informs Tabesh Khoja of Nabila’s.

The glittery factor

We spotted minimal updos, cosmetic metal muse, bejewelled ruby lips for Fahad Hussayn’s finale, shimmery lips topped with glitter to seal the deal. Stained berry lips were quite a rage along with studded Swarovski sparkles on the eyes. From graphic eyes, metallic liner to Ombre lips, braided hoop, fierce red brows and embellished hair trends including different kinds of buns and updos; we saw it all on the runway of this year’s PLBW’17. The new-age bride gave us some serious eye makeup goals for an instant first impression. Nabila and her team gave us ideas on how a highlighter should be a girl’s best friend. Then again dark eyes and nude lips is always a winning combo - which was witnessed on multiple times on the runway. For Ali Xeeshan, there was gelled back sleek hair with bright lips to complement the scintillating looks. “The makeup for Sania Maskatiya’s showcase was kept dark and colourful. We used a lot of glamour, glitter, metallics, confetti and fall colours for each showcase,” says Khoja.

Pretty in pink

For the day first, the styling team conjured up pretty, pink looks and some natural waves making up for an ethereal feel. For Misha Lakhani’s collection, the models had stained pink lips along with centre parting hair, which gelled well with the designer’s aesthetics.

Blingy jewels

Regally yours: Ivy Couture by Shazia and Sehr collaborated with jewellery brand, Amrapali for their bridal collection ‘Rang-e- Perahan’. Amrapali’s intricately crafted pieces comprised emeralds, pearls and gold giving a royal look to the show. “Our collection was heavily inspired by Mughal Art which was why we chose to collaborate with Amrapali. They have traditional jewellery with peacock and elephant symbolisms as well as jewel toned cabochons,” shares Shazia.

According to Mehreen Ameen of Amrapali, “For Ivy, we provided our Zardozi, Jadau and Victorian collections.”

Made in Heaven: Sania Maskatiya presented her line ‘Samarkand’ and for the jewellery she teamed up with luxury brand, Amrapali Jewels. “With Maskatiya, we debuted our collections ‘Jewels of Nizam’ and ‘Made in Heaven’,” shares Mehreen Ameen.

This year, we partnered with both Sania Maskatiya and Ivy for PFDC L’Oreal Fashion Week. We worked closely with the design teams of both brands to debut new bridal collections.

A spectrum of jewel colours: Jewellery designer, Reama Malik of ‘Gold’ teamed up with designer Wasim Khan who presented his timeless couture line ‘Deja Vu’. The jewellery collection featured pure 18, 21 and 22 karat gold with couture pieces in a spectrum of jewel colours. It included ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, golden topaz, pearl white, amethyst purple, garnet burgundy, coral, turquoise blue and transitioning to classic red. “At this time the wedding industry has grown into a huge fraternity. Be it jewellery, clothes, makeup, photography, events or food; this industry has grown phenomenally since the last ten years. Credit goes to Sehyr Saigol for nurturing and encouraging talent and being there to groom upcoming designers! I see this industry doing very well in the future,” shares Malik.

An ode to the Mughal era: Designer Nomi Ansari injected a burst of colours on the ramp with a lively display of what we call the work of a specialist. For his range ‘Darya-e-Dastoor’, Ansari collaborated with ace jewellery designer Hamna Amir. We loved how he played around with cuts amalgamating traditional with modern silhouette. The collection was buoyed by regal, Islamic and Mughal iconography in vivid jewel tones, including traditional floral motifs and miniature art. According to Amir, it is an ode to the Mughal era and features ethnic traditional pieces such as jhoomars, chaand balaas, Raani haar, and jhumkays. “We handcrafted artisanal pieces with meenakari, kundan and signature polki pieces and incorporated precious gem stones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires especially for Ansari’s collection. The designer wanted a fusion of contemporary designs with traditional elements so our collection dwelled around delicate fretwork for a traditional-meets-contemporary vibe,” stated Amir.

Hand crafted beauty: Shamsha Hashwani showcased her bridal collection ‘Kolpona: A Gateway to Nostalgia’. The designer opted for Sherezad Jewellery. Each piece was hand crafted keeping in mind the bridal wear by the designers, which was exquisite and beautiful.

The diamond affect: A solo show by Sana Safinaz presented their bridal collection ‘The Last of the Night’ in collaboration with Mahin’s World Jewellery. The jewels were a blend of zircons, Swarovski crystals and pearls.

A perfect match: Farah and Fatima showcased, ‘Meraki’, which infused elegance of phulkari and chintz with contemporary designs that complemented the essence of a traditional bride. She chose Jaipur and Co. for an intricate range of jewellery and designs, it was a perfect match.

Ornate ornaments: Jaipur and Co. was also the choice of designer Shiza Hassan. Statement meenakari and silver polki kundan sparklers complemented the entire collection that spelt ornate.

Saima, official Makeup and Hair Expert L’Oreal Pakistan...

In continuation of the #BeautyMeetsFashion platform, this year L’Oreal collaborated with international makeup expert Saima Bargfrede to create and define distinct bridal makeup looks for the season. “Overall the whole fashion has become very organic - it is effortless yet has a flavour of its own. People are playing a lot more with texture just like the way it used to be in ‘80s and ‘90s. Things are making a comeback but it depends how far you want to take it in your daily life,” says Bargfrede.

For hair, Saima advises, “Keep your personality in mind before getting too experimental with hair. Go for trendy and funky styles only if your personality allows you to. But if you are not too sure of carrying something creative then stay classy.”

“I would say that a lot of braids are in fashion; very Elvis kind of hairstyles. People are adopting Mohawk hairstyles in which the head is shaved except for a strip of hair running in the middle but these trends change big time when they come to Pakistan. Nowadays, beachy waves and bohemian braids are very much in fashion here,” adds the expert.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses brisbane | bridesmaid dresses perth

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Nine ridiculous excuses by lovers

Some individuals, especially men, in unhappy relationships and marriages find it extremely difficult to break up or divorce.

And even if they have the guts to do so, how they go about it is plain ridiculous.

In most cases, partners unable to terminate their unions amicably either start to play ‘hide and seek’, abscond from responsibilities, ration or deny each other conjugal rights, cheat or simply go silent on their partners.

However, the lucky few are at least given excuses. Unfortunately, the excuses given or grounds on which some partners dump or divorce each other range from flimsy, crazy and downright silly!

Some leave you wondering whether they were unhappy in the relationship and were just waiting for any reason or excuse, however stupid and flimsy, to exit.

Dumped her through his mother

Some beme stunningly petty while others exhibit immature behaviour that would make an average 5-year-old child embarrassed on their behalf.

Take for instance the case of Rose Mwende whose boyfriend of six years dumped her through his mother.

The brat was 28-years-old. Apparently, her boyfriend, a mama’s boy to boot, had introduced her to his mother with whom they became too close.

“We (Rose and her boyfriend’s mother) become so close that I would visit her, bond with her and even share meals,” says Rose.

Then all of a sudden, she says, things went wrong, and the mama’s boy began playing ‘hide and seek’; he began ignoring her text messages and phone calls, and feigning busyness!

“When I paid his mother a visit one weekend, I got the shock of my life. His mum told me he was no longer in love with me and that he had moved on.

He went ahead to tell his mum to inform me to also move on,” explains Mwende, adding that this was not just her worst break up ever, but also the hardest time of her life.

Booted via skype in front of friends

Mwende is not alone. Josephine Njeri’s experience was even more unpalatable. Just when she was playfully ‘boasting’ to her visiting friends about how handsome her boyfriend was as she talked to him on Skype, he dumped her, telling her, “this thing (long distance relationship) is not working for me, let’s just be friends”.

“I have never been so embarrassed and pissed off with a man. I felt like smashing the laptop. I hurriedly shut down the damn thing and drank my sorrows all night,” says Njeri.

She proceeds to confess that her girlfriends initially laughed their heads off, but later consoled her, and drank the night away as they encouraged her to take heart.

Left in hotel with huge bill

As a woman, what would you do if your boyfriend dumped you by leaving you in a hotel while on a date with a huge unpaid bill? That is exactly what Ken Inziani did to one of his exes.

“She was in the habit of annoying me and laughing it off whenever I expressed my displeasure.

On this particular day, she kept chatting and chuckling with some of her friends on WhatsApp and Facebook, and paying very little attention to me,” says a no nonsense Inziani.

Push came to shove and halfway the date, Inziani could not take it anymore; he calmly excused himself and vanished without a trace, leaving her with the huge bill to settle.

No love making

And if you thought it’s only Kenyans who get crazy when breaking up you are in for a rude shock.

Some of the excuses and circumstances under which mzungus separate will make you roll on the ground with laughter.

In Taiwan, where many women think that sex is evil, a man divorced his wife for being “too shy” to consummate their marriage, even after an entire year. She played ‘cat and mouse’ with her legal husband for a whole year? What cheek!

China Times reported that the man surnamed Chen, a 38-year-old teacher from Tainan County was introduced to a woman surnamed Lin, 29, also a teacher, by a matchmaker.

The couple got married after dating for three months, but Lin refused to consummate the marriage. On the wedding night, Lin slept fully dressed and wrapped herself in a duvet.

And when Chen tried to undress her in readiness for the inaugural ‘gland-to-gland’ combat, she pushed him away shouting: “You are ridiculous!” Ha!

The next morning Lin returned to her mother’s home saying she was ill, and would not live with her husband again.

Dowry refund

Through the matchmaker’s mediation, Lin signed a contract agreeing to consummate the marriage but only for the purpose of procreation, and demanded to sleep separately.

However, she did not live up to the pledge; she denied him access to the cookie jar for a whole year.

Consequently, Chen filed for divorce, which Lin contested, claiming that she refused to consummate the marriage on the wedding night because she was too tired!

But the judge granted the divorce, and ruled that Lin compensate Chen Sh879,102 for dowry wasted!

It gets even crazier. A 52-year-old woman in Taiwan divorced her 55-year-old husband, Zhou, over the size of his member. According to, the woman, Zhang, said, “His manhood is so small, like a kid’s, only 5cm long! We’ve never had sex in our entire marriage.”

It was reported that the two met in July of 2008 and got married five months later. She wanted him to raid the cookie jar prior to the ceremony, but he refused on religious grounds.

Divorced for having a small member

Zhang says she discovered he had a very small member on their wedding night and asked him to seek treatment.

They spent some time together, hoping the treatment would work but wapi (nothing of the sort)! She divorced him.

And sticking with matters to do with member size, a man was divorced by his wife after his manhood extension snapped and broke off during a wild, bedroom marathon session.

Doctors in Russia, had fitted the special prosthetic when Grigory Toporov, 47, told them he didn’t measure up to his wife’s expectations in bed. But she was horrified when the extension broke off, and got fed up after her husband who had promised to replace the extension never did so.

So you thought that was crazy? Well, a Saudi woman asked for divorce in 2008 because her husband tried to unveil her and sneak one look at her face after 30 years of marriage.

Left for looking at her face

Apparently, the Saudi Arabian man had lived with his wife for 30 years without setting eyes on her face! Would you believe that?

His 50-year-old wife strictly followed the traditions of her native village and kept her entire body veiled at all times.

One night the husband was overcome by curiosity and tried to lift his wife’s veil as she slept to take a look at her face.

His outraged wife woke up during his sneak peek and decided to demand a divorce!

The ‘betrayed’ wife said her husband apologised and promised never to do it again, but she insisted she wanted a divorce.

It may seem odd, but cases of Saudi husbands with wives forever shrouded in mystery are not uncommon.

In April 2009, a German woman, fed up with her husband’s obsession with cleaning everything in their house all the time, divorced him on those grounds!

Their marriage had lasted 15 years, with the woman putting up with the man’s fondness for doing household chores such as tidying up and rearranging furniture.

She, however ran out of patience when he knocked down and rebuilt a wall in their home when it got dirty.

Sued for lying about her age

Elsewhere in China, a woman surnamed Luo, who lied about her age, was dumped by her husband after 10 years of marriage.

Luo, who was 30 when husband-to-be Cen asked her to marry him, told him she was just 24. In 2007, Cen filed for divorce after realising he had been duped and the court granted his wish.

Wacky as it may sound, a Romanian woman unsuccessfully tried to divorce her husband in 2005 because she just couldn’t stand having lunch with her mother-in-law every day. The 22-year-old woman had been married for only 10 months when she claimed her life turned into a nightmare because of her mother-in-law.

Daily lunches with mother-in-law almost breaks marriage

The woman told a judge that the presence of her mother-in-law at the most important meal of the day.


—with her teasing remarks had ruined her marriage. The court asked Mrs. Elena to reconsider her demand, advising her to find a better reason if she wants to separate from her husband.

And what about the incident reported by Taiwan Courier Mail whereby a carpenter bought an adult DVD only to find out his wife and best friend (a butcher) were starring in the film?

The act apparently had been recorded using a hidden camera and sneaked into a blue movie collection titled, “Affairs with Others’ Wives”. The carpenter divorced his wife. And stabbed his friend.

The reasons why some couples divorce get even more bizarre. Take for instance the case reported by the Mail Online of a man who was divorced after he got on a plane, leaving his new wife for having taken took too long in an airport loo.

Apparently, the two were flying from a holiday (funded by the woman) in Malaysia to Saudi Arabia, and the woman went to answer to a call of nature but took too long, pissing off her husband who boarded the plane without her! His wife was, of course, very angry. She demanded an immediate divorce!

Nothing exposes insanity in humans like their break ups and divorces!Read more at:lace wedding dresses | cheap wedding dresses
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