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What Holds Us Together

Collagen is derived from the Greek word kolla, meaning glue. It is the glue that literally holds the body together and is vital to maintaining our health (1). Medical News Today reports collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and provides structure and strength to skin, muscles, bones and connective tissues (2). Collagen levels can deplete with age; this is where specific supplements and powders may be beneficial. Natural anti-aging products commonly use collagen for its myriad of benefits.

Collagen supplements have been a trend in the natural products world for bone and joint health categories as well as nutraceutical skincare applications. In a study, it was found that oral supplementation of collagen peptides had beneficial effects like improvement of elasticity and firmness of skin (3). High-quality protein powders are becoming increasingly popular, says Dr. Jonny Bowden (4). Powders offer a greater dose of collagen peptides and also serve as a high-quality protein source.

Another trend that has emerged is combining collagen powder in with foods and drinks. Through a simple search online, many recipes and ideas can be found on how to include collagen powder in diets. What’s the benefit of this method? It’s one less pill to have to take every day, all while getting the same benefits.

Chewable multi-vitamins are becoming increasingly popular among adults. Similarly, as chewable products are becoming more popular, manufacturers of collagen supplements are meeting this demand with collagen chews, seeing the potential of offering tasty flavors that make taking collagen easy and attractive.


There are many different types of collagen, but those most commonly found in the body are types I, II and III. What are the differences between them?

Type I is found throughout the body in skin, tendon, bone, ligaments, teeth and interstitial tissues (5). It is also synthesized in response to injury, and represents over 90% of collagen found in the body (6). Type I is quite unique in its strength — in terms of tensile strength — with the ability to stretch without breaking; it’s stronger than steel (5). Type II is a main component of cartilage and the vitreous humor, a substance and tissue in the eyeball. Type III is found in artery walls and other hollow organs as well as skin, muscles and blood vessels (6).

Collagen Loss

Collagen in the skin naturally decreases by 1% each year after the age of 20 (5). The body’s ability to produce collagen also decreases, and around the age of 30, levels can drop 2% each year. During this loss, healthy collagen can also be damaged (1). Over the years this can build up and take a toll on skin, causing wrinkles, thinning and sagging. Brittle nails, hair and poor skin conditions can be a sign of joint issues, which are also caused by loss of collagen production. A third of Americans over the age of 60 suffer from joint health problems (1).

Along with powders and supplements, lifestyle and diet can play a role in maintaining healthy collagen levels. According to Medical News Today, the following nutrients support collagen production in the body:

• Proline: In egg whites, meat, cheese, soy and cabbage.

• Anthocyanidins: In blackberries, blueberries, cherries and raspberries.

• Vitamin C: In oranges, strawberries, peppers and broccoli.

• Copper: In shellfish, nuts, red meat, and some drinking water.

• Vitamin A: Occurring in animal-derived foods and in plant foods as beta-carotene.


One unexpected effect of collagen depletion is leaky gut syndrome. The lining of the gut can weaken and allow food toxins to seep into the bloodstream which can lead to a number of conditions such as chronic inflammation, food intolerance, skin rashes and autoimmune issues (7). Collagen supplements improve the condition of the stomach by tightening and firming the digestive tract.

Calcium and phosphorus supplements are commonly looked to as a solution to address bone health. However, collagen accounts for 35% of bone mass, making it a prime ingredient for bone health. Bone health also deteriorates with age, and typically calcium supplements are used to remedy this, but recently, high dietary calcium has been a concern, so collagen supplementation is a good alternative to consuming more calcium (1).

Collagen peptides have also been shown to support healthy weight loss and weight management. A study by the British Journal of Nutrition found that collagen supported post-exercise muscle protein anabolism. Researchers theorized that collagen supported joint comfort allowing participants to get the most of their workout. Also amino acid delivery improved, or the collagen supported creatine synthesis in the body ((a).

Although some collagen products are derived from animal sources, there are plant-based options available for consumers looking to use vegan or vegetarian products.

Why Supplement?

Culturally our diets are shifting and containing less collagen-rich foods. Steaks often are trimmed losing the collagen in connective tissue, fish are skinned and deboned and chicken is served skinless and boneless (1). Collagen supplementation is becoming more important than ever—not only for cosmetic reasons, but for maintaining internal health as well.Read more at:wedding dresses adelaide | bridesmaids dresses
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Armani appeals to fans old and new with London fashion week show

It is a classic fashion week power move to stage your show somewhere far away from the central London fashion beat.

But if any designer can pull such a move, it’s Armani. The Italian fashion giant staged his Emporio Armani show on Sunday evening way out in Wapping, in a cavernous Tobacco Dock space.

Armani is known for Milan shows on a grand scale. The first London show for 11 years provided a change in location but the core components remained – rows and rows of seats, slick production and champagne on standby for the afterparty. The show started with playful touches, like the pictures of crab on a vest worn with printed pyjama trousers, and other concessions to the youthful market that Emporio Armani aims at.

The eagle branding on the entrance, on plastic handbags and on T-shirts will be appreciated by a logo-happy generation. There were also what can best be described as Armani-isms: nipped-in jackets in neon green worn with wide trousers, ballroom dancing-style evening dresses in a colour palette of bonbons and pinstripe suiting for the male models. This was a collection with lots of different elements – suiting, sportswear, cocktail dresses, office attire. Perhaps that is the result of the need to tick a lot of boxes.

Even when aiming at new customers, Armani also has to appeal to a long-established fanbase. Nothing is by chance for this carefully curated, immensely successful brand, with revenues of £2.3bn in 2015.

Emporio Armani – the sportier, slightly cheaper end of the Armani worldview – is key to the business after the brand’s recent restructure, streamlining seven different lines into three. This London show is timed to coincide with the relaunch of the Bond Street store, and a new magazine, of which the 83-year-old Giorgio Armani is editor-in-chief.

Before the show, the designer said, through a translator, that “it was fun to do this show to show I can still be part of today’s world”. Asked if it was his role to steer people’s taste, he answered with a shrug: “To say I educate is a bit pretentious but I can suggest an attitude.”Read more at:wedding dresses online | bridesmaid dresses

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Sabrina's Passion For Leather

“I decided one day that I would make myself a leather bag since I could not afford the one I wanted from the store. I bought some leather and made a bag. I stepped out, bag in hand and got asked several times where I purchased the bag. The thought had not even crossed my mind to make a business out of making bags, but I got asked so often about the bag that I finally decided to make a few.” With the completion of the few her confidence grew, as did her first collection which was unveiled at Style Week 2017.

Reynolds describes making bags as her passion. “It's almost like magic,” she tells All Woman Fashion, “when I can sit and turn a piece of raw leather into a beautiful piece of artwork that someone can wear. My bags are kind of eccentric, very different in shape and design from most structured bags, and I do not use stencils or patterns to make my designs. I am inspired by each piece of leather, and as I sit at my crafting table to design a bag the inspiration invariably comes from just looking at the leather. I don't think of my designs until I touch each piece of leather.”

Her leather bags have begun to attract a cadre of both women and men in search of quality and the unconventional. “I design bags for women who pride themselves in buying quality. Men love a good leather bag too, as well as wallets and wristlets.”

With her eyes set on becoming an internationally acclaimed handbag designer, Reynolds “is taking baby steps to achieve this goal as well as online tutorials”. Your AWF team is in the interim contemplating yet another purchase... Help!Read more | bridesmaid dresses

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Founder of Shanghai Tang Fashion Brand

Founder of Shanghai Tang Fashion Brand David Tang Dies at 63

David Tang, the flamboyant and outspoken socialite and entrepreneur who founded the Shanghai Tang fashion brand, has died. He was 63.

The Financial Times newspaper, for which he wrote a popular tongue-in-cheek advice column, reported Tang's death in a story Wednesday. Tang had fought a long battle with cancer and died Tuesday night at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London with his wife Lucy at his bedside, the newspaper said.

"David Tang was a remarkable man of many talents whose charm, erudition and wit were ever present," the article quoted the newspaper's editor, Lionel Barber, as saying. "He will be sorely missed."

The Hong Kong-born, British-educated Tang was a businessman who operated private clubs and restaurants and held exclusive distribution rights to Cuban cigars in Asia. Tang was knighted in 2008 for his charitable work in both Britain and Hong Kong, the same honor his grandfather, businessman and philanthropist Tang Shiu-kin, also received.

He was planning to throw a farewell bash on Sept. 6 at London's luxury Dorchester hotel after learning he only had a few months left, according to Ewan Venters, chief executive of luxury department store Fortnum & Mason.

"Personally, I think the world is a little duller for the loss of David and at such a relatively young age," Venters said.

Tang was best known for starting the Shanghai Tang luxury brand in 1994, which pioneered the use of Chinese retro design themes as fashion motifs. He later sold the brand to the Swiss luxury goods company Richemont.

He caused a stir by opening the members-only China Club in 1991 on the top floors of the old Bank of China building in Hong Kong's financial district, expanding it to Beijing and Singapore. He opened the China Tang restaurant in the Dorchester.

Tang enjoyed a reputation as the best-connected person in Hong Kong and London. He mingled with a vast list of the rich and famous including the late Princess Diana, whom he once hosted at the China Club, and supermodel Kate Moss, with whom he was often photographed at parties.

Actor Russell Crowe called the businessman "witty, charming, intellectual, salacious" in a tweet Wednesday, saying: "RIP dear friend Sir David Tang, the privilege was mine."

"He was so generous and so much fun," added the Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. "We will all miss him."

In a 2007 interview with the Associated Press, Tang was asked how he came to know so many notable people. "You mean how did they know me," he shot back with a laugh.

He has famously recounted how he was sent off to school in Britain at the age of 13 barely able to speak a word of English. But he ended up graduating with a philosophy degree and cultivated an arch British accent.

Last year he weighed in with his frank views on Hong Kong politics, lashing into the city's then-leader Leung Chun-ying over his leadership and fretting about the future of his home city under Communist rule.

"There are many more things which need fixing, and most of them could not be achieved given the standoff between the pan-democrats representing the majority of ordinary people, and the establishment, so-called, hugging most of our somnambulant tycoons, and that elephantine Communist Party in China," he said in a speech .

Tang is survived by his wife, British-born Lady Lucy Tang, and two children from a previous marriage.

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not fashion designers

The future of trend prediction will come from tech innovators, not fashion designers

Modern technology is unleashing creativity—not stifling it.

The $3 trillion global apparel market, which makes up 2% of the world’s GDP, is reliant upon being able to guess the latest trends and fads of the season. For example, this fall has a penchant for the bright plaids of the 1970s, and we’ll also see the return of the out-of-vogue babydoll dresses and scrunchies of the early 1990s. Just as quickly as these trends come, they go. So being able to predict the ebbs and flows of consumers’ whims can mean multimillion-dollar differences in annual earnings.

As trends shift, the ability to apply real-time and even predictive insights is a huge advantage. Leveraging this information to predict the next big thing can differentiate the winners from the losers in the retail industry. And technology can help.

Whether it’s white sneakers or this season’s omnipresent red hue, the human minds that envision these looks can be enhanced by the analytical capabilities of machines. Data is now being leveraged to inspire designers and minimize risk. When designers sit down to create their next lines, their designs can be informed by real, actionable data, not just by their own intuition.

Cognitive computing, a type of artificial intelligence system, analyzes massive amounts of data to make connections between different elements of information. Just like the human brain can process visual images, video, fashion reviews, social media and even weather forecasts, technology can do that on a huge scale, enabling it to better predict demand for products, for example.

At IBM, our Watson cognitive system—the one that defeated two Jeopardy! champs a few years ago—has been used to correctly predict the colors and patterns that will dominant consumers’ closets. The democratization of trend analysis could have a profound effect on businesses. Typically, fast-fashion retailers rely on trend analysis companies to tell them which up-and-coming notions are most worthy when it comes to the cost of production; most brands start conceptualizing and designing products for the new season over one year prior to the actual selling season.

Fashion houses typically hire outside firms and talent to browse hundreds of blogs and study thousands of images from shows, social media, and fashion archives to understand trends and draw inspiration. It can take many months—and an enormous expense—to uncover the insights that AI is able to offer in merely seconds. Trend-analysis firms like WGSN can cost businesses upwards of $50,000 a year in subscription fees, but cognitive technology could allow designers to accumulate internal and external data in house.

For example, JASONGRECH, an Australian couture designer, leveraged the power of cognitive technology to take an entirely new creative approach to his designs, influencing his choice of fabrics, color palettes, and textures. He partnered with IBM for Melbourne Fashion Week 2016 by utilizing cognitive technology—via Watson on IBM Cloud—with the aim to infuse something new into his designs.

Ten years’ worth of runway fashion images and look books from specific designers were analyzed and distilled, along with real-time social-media buzz from Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. He accelerated the information gathering phase of his designs by 600% compared to his previous season. For years, JASONGRECH’s designs were typically fashioned in dark color schemes. But when using Watson’s visual-recognition technology to identify and categorize consumers’ opinions on colors, patterns, fabrics, and more, JASONGRECH predicted the industry’s shifting preference towards pastels. He incorporated these colors into his designs—an element he would not have considered before—and it became a focal point of his line. The information gathering and analysis process took about four days, as opposed to the 28 days typically required via manual efforts. And, more importantly, sales spiked significantly.

In another example, Indian designer duo Falguni & Shane Peacock worked with Watson to inspire the design of their brand’s new collection, which is based on the history of Bollywood fashion. They analyzed 600,000 images spanning London, Paris, Milan, and New York fashion weeks for insights into high-end couture and coupled it with 8,000 Bollywood images from social-media sites and images from Bollywood posters from the past four decades. This data combined with an analysis of 100,000 print swatches allowed them to generate novel prints with the trendiest colors of the season. The result? They created three unique dresses based solely on Watson’s insights that became signature designs of their latest fashion collection.

Cognitive technologies don’t replace the creative process; they are proving to enhance and accelerate it. While trends fade, new creative ideas inspired by unique combinations of those trends are timeless.

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how to wear them

This season's biggest beauty trends and how to wear them

While the weather man might be predicting warmer temperatures in the next couple of weeks, autumn is just around the corner. There are already a plethora of granny knits and sharp tailoring in stock on the high street. With this in mind, here are the key beauty looks to make note of for the new season.

Yes, the classics are still there with red lipstick and black eyeliner, but autumn/winter 2017 has given them a fresh, new twist…

Reinvention of the red lip

Backstage at Preen’s autumn/winter 2017 show, make-up artist Val Garland applied layer upon layer of red lipstick and then smudged it all. “It looks like they’ve been snogging all night,” Garland told us. The undone, blurred finish was also seen at Topshop Unique and Temperley London.

Admittedly, this isn’t a look many of us would be brave enough to wear in its most literal sense, but we’re definitely taking it as code that you can ditch the lip liner and not be so precious about achieving that clean-cut line.

Freshly washed hair

While the ‘no make-up’ make-up look might take a lot more effort than you’d imagine to create, the equivalent hair trend is refreshingly straightforward. Freshly shampooed hair was seen everywhere, from Victoria Beckham and Narciso Rodriguez to Stella McCartney and Chloe. At Dior, clean, loose waves were spotted underneath the leather berets.

To create this look, you simply need to find the right shampoo for your hair type and wash 'n' go. Those with unruly manes should employ a frizz-taming oil to the mid-lengths and ends - try Living Proof Nourishing Oil, £19. If you battle with frizz around the crown of your head, look to Bumble and Bumble Dry Oil Finishing Spray.

Experimental liner

Black liner made several appearances on the autumn/winter 2017 catwalks, but not as you know it. From the chunky, lacquered look at Versace to a grungy, smudged finish at Marni, it’s more about having fun and finding your own style than recreating a specific liner.

You can never have too many black eyeliners, especially when it comes to kohl liners. Victoria Beckham’s up-and-coming dry liner is worth investing it. L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Eyeliner Gelmatic Ultra Black, £5.99, the brand's Super Eyeliner Blackbuster Extra Black, £6.99, and Beauty Pie's Supercolour Kohl Eyeliner, £1.91 for members, are also incredible, proving that you don’t have to spend a fortune to embrace this trend.

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